There is a fully functioning surgical suite on site where we perform a wide array of both soft tissue and orthopedic procedures for dogs and cats. Some of the more common soft tissue surgeries include but are not limited to cystotomy (urinary stone removal), exploratory laparotomy, tumor/mass removal, GI foreign body removal, laceration/wound repairs, limited eye surgery, dental surgery as well as other emergency procedures.

Orthopedic Pet Surgery

Our orthopedic pet surgeon specializes in fracture repair, cruciate knee repair, luxating patella repair, femoral head osteotomy, bone plating and other conformational repairs as well as emergency orthopedic stabilization.

Elective Surgery

Typical elective procedures tend to include feline neuter, feline ovariohysterectomy (spay), hernia repair, canine neuter, canine ovariohysterectomy, entropion repair, ectropion repair.

Surgery Screening

All patients will be screened via a thorough physical exam as well as blood work prior to surgery. If concerns or abnormalities arise, the proper adjustments to their anesthetic protocol will be made. During each procedure every patient is connected to monitoring equipment that measures their heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and body temperature in conjunction to actual hands-on monitoring to ensure they are comfortably maintained on a surgical plane of anesthesia. From the point of induction to recovery there is constant supervision as our patient’s safety and comfort is our number one priority.

Pet Surgery Near You

To make an appointment for a pet surgery screening, call us at (913) 851-3700.